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Updated 12/05/2022

May 2022


Each Sunday we gather in person in the Cricket Club on the Mall for an all-in family celebration service. After a short time of prayer at 9.40am our worship begins at 10am sharp. Although each gathering is different we always love to make time at the end to offer prayer and ministry and enjoy a cuppa together before you leave.

For more information or prayer call : 07 3929 44791


Mid Week Prayer

We love the gift of prayer and as a community we place a high value on it and the importance of praying together. We have seen so many wonderful answers to prayer and believe God is just waiting for us to bring our prayers to him. At present we are gathering on-line, and it has never been so easy to join in. These prayer gatherings are open to all and it would be lovely to have you join us.

For more information or prayer call : 07 3929 44791


May & June Small Groups

We love Small Group. It is a place where you grow and become known and accountable in a welcome, joy filled environment. Small Groups are open to everyone and are a great way for you and your family to integrate into the community here.

For more information or prayer call : 07 3929 44791


City Wide : Compassion & Community Connection

Once a month in Number 40 we have Cafe Church on a Thursday between 12.30-1pm. Its a shorter version of what we do when we gather on a Sunday morning. We sing worship songs, hear a short talk and prayer is offered to everyone. You would be very welcome. 

During term time an amazing team of volunteers run a community cafe, Connect Cafe each Thursday morning between 10.30am and 12.30pm. This is a space for you to come, make friends and enjoy a cuppa together. This is open to everyone, and our amazing team just love to pray for those who would like it too. 

Eat Well, Save Well is a 6 week course where those who have signed up learn how to plan and prepare simple budget friendly tasty meals to suit their needs.

Youth Connect runs each Thursday during term time and is open to all young people (Year 8+) who attend any of the Secondary schools in or around Armagh. They chat, make some snacks and play board games together. And everyone is very welcome. 

If you or someone you know could do with a little support or encouragement at this time why not bring them along on a Thursday to our building Number 40 Scotch Street, Armagh. Or maybe you yourself would like to help by volunteering with us, that would be great!

For this or any more information you require please get in touch with Dean on 079 2256 6086